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rhythm works

A ground-breaking rhythm and dance program designed for those with individual learning differences and other special needs. 

Rhythm Works is an inclusive class that focuses on skill development, self empowerment, and celebrating our differences. Two of our professional instructors are certified and trained to apply fun and functional dance movement to evidence-based practices commonly used in sensory integration, ABA therapy, kinesiology and movement safety to aid in reaching developmental goals.


For more information on this, visit our pricing & info page. 

Rhythm Works Log

motor skills

Rhythm Works offers participants a fun and social way to improve their gross motor skills and cardiovascular fitness through customized class content.

social-emotional skills

Rhythm Works provides a safe environment for participants to explore emotions and practice social skills. 

cognitive skills

Rhythm Works provides opportunities to practice and expand cognitive processing in ways that are fun and motivating. 

proud to be associated with studio dee

My daughter has been attending since she was 3 and loves it here! Highly recommend this dance/tumbling program.


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