safe, fun & flexibility

The tumbling program is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions: flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling. 


tumbling classes

Tiny Tumblers | Ages 20 months-3

Tumbling Tots | Ages 3-4

Tumbling Rollers | Ages 5-7

Tumbling Flippers | Ages 8 & up

Tumbling Flyers | Ages 11 & up

tumbling program

Our tumbling program is run as sessions in fall, winter and spring. Our classes focus on strength and flexibility while teaching proper tumbling technique to prevent injury. Various skills taught from beginner to advanced levels.
Our tiny tumbler program is parent-assisted and focuses on exercise, play, and bonding with your child through movement and tumbling.

Attire: Snug-fitted clothing, bare legs, bare feet

Class Frequency: One class per week

Class Levels: Tiny Tumblers: Ages 20 months-3 (parent assisted) | 30-minute class
                       Tumbling Tots: Ages 3-4 | 45-minute class
                       Tumbling Rollers: Ages 5-7 | 60-minute class
                       Tumbling Flippers: Ages 8 & up | 60-minute class
                       Tumbling Flyers: Ages 11 & up (must be evaluated by instructor) | 60-minute class

Class Duration: Session

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Tuition: Varies per class & per session

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