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about session classes

This is a perfect opportunity to "tip your toe in" (no pun intended!). We offer tumbling, dance, hip hop,musical theatre, and rhythm works classes for special needs children in 6 to 12 week sessions.  Students enrolled in a session class will not perfom in a stage production.  Session classes are paid in a one time fee upon enrollment. 


Our Session Dance classes include Baby Ballerinas, Hip Hop for Tots, Rhythm Works for our dancers with special needs or learning differences, & more.  These classes are perfect for those looking to try a class with a short commitment.  Our sessions run continuously throughout the year.  Trial a class TODAY!



Our Tumbling Program is awesome for babies to students seeking more advanced skills. We start our tumblers as young as 18 months with parent assistance. What an awesome start to socialization, coordination, & exercise!! Our advanced classes teach skills such as back handsprings, back tucks, & aerial work.  

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